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Pennypacker Country Club is a family-run swim and tennis club that has been operating for 56 years.  It is on an old one of a kind, beautiful early 1800's farm property.


The club features three swimming pools:

  • "C" shaped competition pool with depths from 3 to 12 feet
  • Intermediate pool (frog pool) with depths from 2 to 4 feet
  • Baby pool with fountain


The property also includes 9 tennis courts and a scenic picnic area adjacent to a small lake for fishing.



Opened Summer only: The club will open Memorial Day weekend and remain open on weekends only until the Downingtown Area School systems officially ends. The club closes on Labor Day.



June - July:  10:00 AM to 8:30 PM (Mon -Sun)

August: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Mon - Sun)

(last two weeks of Aug we close at 7:30 due to less daylight)







Monday:  10:00AM - 3:00PM

Wednesday:  10:00AM - 3:00PM

Friday:  10:00AM - 3:00PM

Saturday:  10:00AM - 3:00PM







GUEST FEES: Swimming & Tennis*

Daily/After 5:30 PM   $12.00//$8.00

Senior Citizen (65 or older) half price $6.00

Ten Day Guest Pass  $120.00

(you receive one free guest visit with the purchase of a 10 day guest pass)
One specific tennis guest may use the facility no more than 3 times during the season for Round Robins or clinics.

Rain checks only if pool closes due to inclement weather an hour after arrival.

2021 Pennypacker Country Club Memberships

If interested in membership, set up an account by clicking on the computer picture to the right.


Initiation Fee: All new members pay a "non-refundable: $848.00 initiation fee.


Annual Dues:

Individual -   $415.00

Family of 2 - $640.00

Family of 3 - $787.00

Family of 4 - $935.00

Additional family members $149.00 each


Returning members must pay dues by April 30th, or a $10.00 late fee per member will be charged.  If membership is not paid by the end of the month, membership spots will be filled.

No charge for children under the age of two by June 1st

Senior citizens (age 65 or older) join with family members at regular rate or one half off individual rate.


Membership must be paid annually or you will have to reapply for new membership!


Please Note -  The club membership will be limited and each
membership must be approved by the membership committee.


*Application Information

Tennis Memberships:

We offer individual and couple adult
tennis memberships only.  No junior or family
memberships are available.




FOR 2021 ONLY!


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Pennypacker County Club provides 30 acres of open space and recreational facilities needed to offer a fun, active, educational summer experience for children.  It’s our primary goal to provide your children with the opportunity to take advantage of all the aspects of our beautiful property through sport activities, arts and educational programs. 

Click on images

for a camp tour

The summer camp program will be for children ages 7 – 12.  Campers will be placed in groups of approximately 10 – 12 campers with a senior and a junior counselor, providing a 1:6 counselor / camper ratio.  The majority of our senior staff has an education degree or is pursuing education in college.  During the day, campers will rotate through a schedule that includes organized tennis provided by our Tennis Pro, swim instructions from our trained swim staff, painting by our artist, sports activities such as fishing, soccer, volleyball, and basketball, and organized games.

Each day campers will also have a session of free swim and the opportunity to engage in an elective of their choice such as GaGa pit, STEM activities, or arts / crafts.  This gives the campers the opportunity to pick activities of interest.  All day long the children will be active doing fun and engaging activities.


The Pennypacker Country Club offers swim lessons for a variety of abilities and experience. All lessons are offered daily Monday-Friday between 9-11am, 12-1:30, and 5-7. **Make-up Policy – Classes are held during rain, but cancelled for thunder and lightning. If you chose to skip a lesson, no make-up will be offered.


Please click the link below for the swim lesson availability for the week of August 12th.



Lessons offered:

"WE DO" offer lessons to non-pool members. Please help us pass the word!


Swim Lesson Cost:


Member- $30 per lesson

Nonmember- $40 per lesson



These swimmers have little, or no, experience. Goals include; comfortable putting face in water, blowing bubbles, floating on back, introduction to using “big arms” and breathing.


Advanced Beginners:

These swimmers are ready for breathing techniques. Goals include introduction to proper breathing skills, improving freestyle and backstroke technique, improving endurance, and possible introduction to other strokes.





Racquet Director PCC

USPTA Elite Pro, PTR

2018 USTA/MS Pro of the Year

2017 USPTA National Pro of the Year

2016 USPTA/MS Pro of the Year



Attention Tennis Players

I’m excited to announce Tennis Addiction’s partnership with Pennypacker CC. Covid slowed us down in 2020 but 2021 is a New Year! The Silver Lining is it’s given us enough time to plan for the coming Spring/Summer/Fall Program. We painted the Tennis Center and repaired and resurfaced the main 3 courts. We have a staff of certified and USTA Net Generation Compliant pros, who all have their clearances and background checks, ready to go. Our junior program will use Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow Ball, and we’ll have the best equipment including hoppers, carts, and New Balls available for purchase. Stringing and Racquet customization is also part of the program and don’t forget Pickle Ball! We'll have weekly programs and special events. We’ll have a full Junior Program with instructional clinics and Team Tennis. We are working with the Cup and USTA captains to get all of our teams in place. Tennis will be part of the PCC kickoff event in May! If anyone has questions or comments please contact me at 610-721-7003 or email me at!

See you on the courts!

Anthony J DeCecco, Jr

PCC Racquets Director

Anthony J DeCecco Jr


Our Professional Staff

Tennis Only Memberships:

Players interested in using only the Tennis Facility can join as an individual or couple. There is an initiation fee and seasonal dues. With 9 courts, 3 newly resurfaced with lights, Pennypacker CC Tennis is an incredible value!

For a minimum of 6 months of tennis:
$270 individual

$475 for a couple!


The following club amenities are specific to the Tennis Only membership

  • Unlimited use of the tennis courts from beginning of April to end of October
  • Participation in USTA & Cup teams (match fees included)
  • Discount rate on private lessons, open clinics
  • Use of the picnic area adjacent to the tennis courts and bathroom facility
  • Dining privileges at Montesano brothers

>Tennis Guest Waiver




New Tennis Member only Special for 2021:

This year PCC is offering and unprecedented membership special:
The one-time initiation fee has been discounted by 60%!
If you join as a new member in 2021 you’ll only pay a $100 initiation fee plus your seasonal dues!

Jeff Rightnour

Staff Pro




Steven Motyka

Staff Pro


Matthew Bonds

Staff Pro


Rick Palmer
2012 USTA/MS Pro of the Year

Staff Pro

Cindy Slachta
Staff Pro



Pennypacker Country Club is located at:


Pennypacker Country Club

120 Pennypacker Road

Downingtown, PA 19335


Our mailing address is:

Suite 390

256 Eagleview BLVD

Exton, PA 19341




phone: (484) 341-8694

Application Information:

Application is hereby made to the membership committee of the Pennypacker Country Club for the year 2021.  I agree that I will be governed by the rules, regulations and by-laws of the said club.


Applicant for membership will not be admitted to the club until the application has been approved by the membership committee, whose decision is final.


Returning Members:  Must update application/account information yearly (see link on homepage) and submit a credit card or check payment to Suite 390, 256 Eagleview Blvd. Exton, PA  19341.  Your application must be accompanied with full payment for the season or membership will not be accepted.  Signature is also needed on all required forms and waivers.  Checks are made payable to Treasurer, Pennypacker Country Club.


**Membership dues must be paid by April 20, 2021.  Existing members include a $5.00 penalty charge per person if filed after the above date.


New Members:  Fill out the online application on our membership portal (located on the homepage). You will receive a call from the membership committee as openings come available.  If no openings are available, you will be placed on a waiting list.  Primary members must include all required information, and sign and date needed forms and waivers.  You must also provide two names, emails, and telephone numbers of current members as sponsors.


Membership Identification:  Members must upload a picture of all family members in the membership portal.  Pictures are for identification purposes and admittance at the front gate. If your picture is not available or current, you will not be admitted into the facility.


Pennypacker Country Club Rules


  •  Food may only be eaten on the snack bar patio areas or in the grove.
  •  No food or alcohol is permitted within the pool area.
  •  Only cups/plastic bottles with lids are permitted in the pool area.


NO SMOKING, GLASS,  or ALCOHOL permitted in the pool area.

Broken glass is a very serious issue for pools. In addition to someone walking on it, it could land in the pool creating a need to close the pool in order to drain it and remove the glass. NO glass!



We do not allow any flotation devices in the main pool. Over the years, we have found that children using flotation devices become dependent on them and can float into areas where they are not comfortable. For this reason, we request that all children wearing Coast Guard approved floatation devices are limited to the baby and frog pool areas.   An adult must accompany any child wearing an approved life vest in the water at all times. Swimmies and comparable devices will not be allowed. Additionally, larger flotation devices prohibit the lifeguards from properly monitoring swimmers.   Based on our experience, smaller children can get trapped under the device and are harder to spot.  However, the exception to this is when we have a scheduled “Float Night”.



Swim Diapers are not allowed in the main pools, but are permitted in the baby pool.  Unfortunately, any accident or diaper leakage requires us to close the entire pool to all guests for treatment.  For the main pool, this could take up to 24 hours.  We are certainly concerned about this type of inconvenience to our members; however, our primary concern is their health and safety, so we strive to keep the pool clean and sanitary according to Pennsylvania and federal regulations.  The CDC's website provides important information on this subject at,



In order to prevent injuries and ensure safety, swimmers may not place hands/arms on/around other swimmers’ head, neck and/or shoulders.  This includes sitting on top of other’s shoulders.  Any play beyond the head, neck, and shoulder area that is determined to be rough or unsafe will be at the discretion of the lifeguard and/or Manager on duty.



For the safety of our children we require children and guests that are 12 years or younger to take a deep water test before venturing out of the shallow end of the main pool.  To pass the deep water test, a child must swim one lap in the deep end of the pool without stopping. The stroke must be strong and the child must be able to lift their head out of the water to breathe. The child must also tread water for one minute. Upon successful completion, a child will get a green band that indicates to a lifeguard that they have passed the test.  Bands should be worn daily.  This test is for your child's safety! Ask at the lifeguard area and a lifeguard will be happy to give the test. If your child is unsuccessful, the first time, the lifeguard will explain what the child should practice in order to pass the test another day!  The swim test must be renewed each summer.


NO Pets allowed on property.




  1. The Club hours are listed on the website. The standard hours may be altered by the manager or for social or team activities.
  2. No one is to enter any pool without a lifeguard on the stand.
  3. The starting blocks and fulcrum for the diving board are to be used only under the direct supervision of the swim and dive coaches.
  4. When a lifeguard hears thunder all guests must leave the pool and dated premises until there has been no thunder for 30 minutes.
  5. All diaper changing must be performed in the restroom for the health and safety of all members.  We recommend and encourage frequent diaper changes.
  6. The baby pool is for children eight years of age and under. They must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  7. Any unauthorized individual found in the pool area during unauthorized time periods will be considered a trespasser and will be prosecuted. Membership privileges will be revoked.


Health and Safety

  1. All health and safety rules must be observed as posted.
  2. Maximum speed limit in the parking lot is 5 M.P.H.
  3. Individuals with open wounds; sores or skin infections will not be permitted into the water without a doctor's note.
  4. The following are prohibited at Pennypacker Country Club:
  • Running, pushing, wrestling, bothersome ball playing
  • Use of glass containers, including baby food bottles and jars
  • Animals
  • Loitering, playing, or smoking in the locker rooms.
  • Abusive language
  • Smoking within the facility
  • Skateboards and scooters in the facility (Bike are allowed to be ridden in an out of the facility, but must be kept on the bike rack by the path to the barn)
  • Alcoholic beverages during normal operating hours in pool area
  • Spitting or nose blowing in the pools
  • Flips off the side of the pool (okay off board)
  • Sitting or hanging on lane lines (unless in distress)
  • Jumping/ hanging off swim team blocks
  • Having more than one person on the hammock at a time
  • Roughhousing in prohibited
  • Playing on stone wall around the pools
  • Diving permitted only in the diving well (swimmers must wait at the bottom of the diving board steps until the diver is out of the water)


Enforcement of Rules


  1. The Club managers and lifeguards are authorized to enforce these rules and regulations. Members who violate these rules are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the manager on duty, including possible short-term expulsion.
  2. The Rules and Regulation Committee shall have the authority to issue suspensions for infractions of these rules, except where the penalties are already set.
  3. These rules may be supplemented or revised at any time. Such changes will be posted.
  4. Repeated infractions of the rules by a minor will result in a written letter to the guardians of the minor.
  5. The necessity of a third written letter of rule violation will result in removal of all pool privileges for the remainder of the season.


Should any member not comply with the rules and by laws the management has the privilege of canceling his or her membership.

• Membership pictures must be updated in the system yearly in order for admittance at the front gate.  No member will be admitted without proper
  identification and proof of full payment.

• Memberships are not transferable and are for personal use only.  Any member who jeopardizes this rule, will have their membership revoked.

• Guest privileges are a courtesy of the management and can be revoked without notice.

• No glass or food permitted in the pool area.

• Applicants for membership must obtain two references from adult members sponsoring their membership.

• Bicycles must be placed in bike rack at the top entrance of the pool.

• No swimming, boating or ice skating on the lake.

• Anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

• The tennis membership is restricted to the use of the tennis courts, restroom, snack bar and tennis picnic facilities only.  Tennis members are not 
  permitted in the pool facility unless paying a pool guest fee. If found violating the tennis membership regulations your membership will be revoked.